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01-12-2012, 03:58 PM
One thing BCB 4x4 tries very hard to do is help people keep their International Harvester manufactured vehicle rolling down the road safe and with pride. By Pride we mean looking good, functioning good, and most importantly safe. To do that you need to maintain your rig by doing maintenance or having a qualified person maintain it on a regular schedule. During that maintenance and or full blown restoration often times parts are needed that do not exist or are supported by the after-market level of companies.

As part of our commitment to do this, we have access to a large supply of used parts that have been rescued from the Scrap crushers, junkyards, hulk haulers, and decaying of father time. These parts have been kept inside mostley and organized on shelfs and in labeled totes to make them easy to locate. There is almost always a selection of grades of each part from trail worthy to restoration quality. This means from near perfect to dented and partially rusted. Parts are sourced from all over the country, on road trips through warm rust free states, and by haveing them shipped in after pictures are sent for inspection. The costs vary accordingly and reflect the time, resources, and energy required to make that part available. Its not easy but someone has to do it, or these parts will be lost to availability.

So please contact us with your specific needs. Its best to call by phone. One thing we promise is that if we don't have it or can not get it for you, then we will try our best to point you in the direction of someone who will have it. This means we will at times refer you to our competitors all in the #1 goal of keeping that rig on the road and providing enjoyment for its owner. Its a small community out there and in one way shape or form we are all connected by that common goal. Happy crusing.


01-12-2012, 03:59 PM
One thing you will notice is that you can not post up here as a member of the forum. There is a specific reason for this. We do not want to flood the Internet with too many sites that people looking for parts must search through. There are already 2-3 main ones that serve this purpose for people looking to sell off stuff. In addition this forum was created to help get the word out about what parts we have to offer you. We have customers that call us, or stop in to sell us their excess parts and that is one way we bring in revenue to keep the doors open and our services available to you. If we had a huge for sale section that anyone could post in, then we would be shooting ourselves in the foot so to speak.

We have so many parts that sit here and go unused because people do not know we have them. A customer just the other day was in and found a rare set of Scout 80/800 "Chrome pillar mount" IH branded mirrors to finish off his restoration. He said "I have heard of these and never seen any in person". That is because only the people that called or looked through that box knew we had a set. So in an effort to get the parts to people who need them for their restorations or buildups we will be posting some of the more unusual and hard to obtain items. If a customer calls and asks for pictures we can just post them here so that even if he passes on them, they will be visible to others looking for that item. This way potential buyers will see the pictures and know to call and inquire about the parts. We will be refining this system as we go along to try and make it the best, so please offer up any suggestions or ideas (good or bad) as they are always valued and considered.

01-12-2012, 04:00 PM
One thing we get often is people contacting us to buy their extra parts, or projects. We do buy good needed stuff and our normal procedure is to see the parts in person if possible, or get detailed photos of the parts sent via e-mail to us. We then will respond and work with you to strike a deal. We offen are also a dumping ground for parts people have piled up and want to get rid of. We accept all IH related stuff and if its not usable we will dispose of it for you. If its metal it will go into our scrap recycling program. This in turn helps the environment, as well as future efforts to save and rescue parts from an untimely demise. If you are coming by our facility, bring the parts with you as we do offer trades on parts that you need to finish your project.

The following are some pictures of our rescued parts needing a good home.

01-12-2012, 04:00 PM
Here are some wide angle shots to show you our selection.

01-12-2012, 04:00 PM
Lift Gates, Scout 80 Windshield frames, Scout 2 windshield frames, Scout 2 Fenders, Scout 2 tailgates

01-12-2012, 04:01 PM
Pickup Valances, Scout 2 Grill inserts, Grill frames, Scout 2 doors, pickup and Traveall Doors

01-12-2012, 05:01 PM
Here is a super sweet set of IH C-series Doors and Fenders. These came off a 1966 1000 series Travelall. Very rust free, and in superb shape.

01-12-2012, 05:18 PM
Core motors, Good runners, Manual Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions

01-12-2012, 05:20 PM
Transfer Cases, Dana 18, Dana 20, Dana 300, NP-205, NP-231

08-22-2012, 11:16 AM
Hey Binder fans,
I thought i need to explain something about my parts and my prices. I will use a fender as an example. I have fenders in the $100-$350 range and they are priced according to condition with regards to rust, dents, etc. New fenders for new trucks run approximately $75(Toyota) to $300-$500 or more (American). Keeping in mind that you can not order another new fender for your 33+ year old truck, you can at a minimum expect to pay prices that are consistant with modern day replacement fenders and most of the time higher for excellent examples that have been kept in pristine shape for 40-50 years.

I take great care and expense to find good parts that are in usable condition and keep them indoors in a heated environment organized on commercial racks so they are available for people looking to restore their IH classics. I saw a sign at a classic car swap meet that read something like this:
I Hunt it, I Find it,
I Buy it, I Load it,
I Haul it, I Unload it,
I Store it, I Clean it,
I Repair it, I Paint it,
I Polish it, I Load it,
I unload it, I load it again
And I Haul it Again

I dont think i should take any less

That said as many of you who have come to the shop to pick up parts have found out, i am very reasonable and the more you buy the more likely i am to start discounting parts as a package deal situation. I haggle and trade as well, so just know it's all part of the process. Enjoy restoring your classic IH and the fact that someone has given so much of their life to save these parts from the crushers/scrappers :cool: