View Full Version : Thanks John!

03-10-2012, 12:01 AM
I want to give John a shout-out of "thanks!" for a set of BCB heavy duty shackles. Last Christmas I called John on short notice and let him know I wanted a set of shackles that I could slip under the tree. Within 24 hours John built a new set for me and I was able to pick them up and ready to go. You don't get this kind of great service with an all-American product everyday. Thanks John!

I plan to have BCB install the shackles, along with a 2-inch body lift, at the end of the month.

08-06-2012, 11:38 AM
Another BCB great experience! Since I purchased the BCB Heavy Duty Shackles (which I've received compliments on design and welding quality), they've been installed along with a BCB Strait Steer Brace. During the install (check-out the YouTube) John corrected a slight twist in the frame and made sure that everything lined-up. The steering brace provides a more solid feel, on and off the pavement.

Additionally, this past week John installed a 2-inch body lift, made a steering modification and replaced the worn out body bushings. Not only I'm I riding almost 4 inches higher than my previous setup, but my rig is incredibly smooth even at 60 mph. John went the extra mile of taking a test drive with me and explained everything he encountered while examining the body and the frame. He also provided a clear picture of what I should expect from the investments I've made regarding the new parts and suspension modifications. BCB gets an A-1 Rating on the BCB customer experience scale. - Wayne