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Thread: NEW club anyone?

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    Default NEW club anyone?

    Once upon a time there were two clubs in Western Washington for International Enthusiasts. There was The Northwest Binders from the 80's through early 2000's but it has pretty much dies off due to lack of involvment, and the resistance of the older members to embrace new ideas, younger members ideas of trips, and inner turmoil, as well as personal life matters of the main club officers.

    The second club was called Puget Sound Scouts. It was going from the 1990's through the early 2000's but was a loose nit gathering of people that came and went due to military base stations, and their jobs. This group did not have as much structure and was based more on fun outings and trail trips.

    So is anyone interested in starting up a new club, gathering or people, or collective amassing of people with the same interests in the northwest region?

    Possible names:
    Evergreen Internationals
    Olympic Mountain Binders
    Cascade Range IH society
    Twin Range Binders (as in mountain ranges or transfer case sticks i guess )
    Evergreen State Internationals
    Evergreen Binders
    Pacific Northwest Binders
    IHOW (International Harvesters of Washington)

    Anyway planting some seeds and see if anyone responds or thinks like it would be a cool idea? I for one would like to see another club up here and also an IH show in western Washington ( the Olympics or the Cascade Mountain ranges have great places)

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    Sounds good to me.

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    I AM IN!!!! Very interested in a local Binder club. One big advantage is that I own a car audio shop in West Olympia with a very large parking lot as well as a 5000 SF shop. I'd be totally fine with group meetings in my parking lot. I'm at the Steamboat Island Road exit, Soundstage Car Audio. Feel free to cruise by any time.

    I like the name Pacific Northwest Binders
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