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Thread: Discover Yourself Amazing Clothing Piece - Long-sleeve.*

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    Default Discover Yourself Amazing Clothing Piece - Long-sleeve.*

    Rock and roll, as you know, is long dead. His mortality body is laid to rest somewhere near California or perhaps near London`s Kensal. But we can surely say that not a single youth subculture of the 21 century has had such an influence on art and fashion as rock culture. In this article, we will dive you into a rock style for men and how to dress that way.*
    Of course, modern outfits in the style of rock and roll can be different from what men wore in the 60s - 80s of the last century, but nevertheless, the echo of a bygone rock era still exists.

    1. Hard-rock
    Probably the most recognizable and widespread rock and roll style is hard-rock. Some people call it a bit aggressive. Severe brutality, negligence, and contempt for the opinions of others are the main vectors of the hard-rock style. What exactly to wear to achieve this look? First of all, you need a leather jacket. It may also be a denim one, just remember that the color is supposed to be black. Many patches from famous rock bands, motorcycle brands, or electric guitars are a must. The jacket should be tight and short (not below the beltline).*

    2. Grunge
    If the mentioned before, hard-rock is too tough for you, we advise you to try grunge style. It is a bit of a darker phenomenon itself. In many ways, this is a protest not only to society but also against you. The world is bad but you yourself are not a sugar either. If this perfectly describes you, we can show you what to wear. Grunge denies mainstream ideas. In the wardrobe, you should have men's casual shirts :* flannels or plain ones. The color is supposed to be dull and dark. Men's casual shirts also need to be more loosely fit and paired with the same colored t-shirt.

    3. Punk
    *If you deeply despise this world, consider politics to be dirty and there is no money for beverages - it's time to become a punk. It is also a kind of protest against the world, the philosophy of self-destruction is an action art of provocation. Seems that you can relate? This is what will suit you. There are no hard and strict rules to follow for punk. The only element that really matters is the absurdity in clothes. Something that stands out from generally accepted concepts like men`s retro tank tops . *You may also put on a business jacket with slippers or crazy yoga pants with men`s retro tops .* Concept is to be crazier than ever .

    These three rock and roll styles are easy to recreate and enjoy. You can always find needed items in the mass market or thrift stores, and corporate them with clothes that you already have. And don't forget that you need a rocker attitude to "rock" those outfits and become the real star. Treat everything on your way as if you are on stage.

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    Wow this is going to be a fun read. I like the ole truck. Why a yellow frame? Like the color but a yellow frame. Old man must have been on something...lol.

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    High grade isnt a big deal to me.

    I already have FF#1, AF#15, Hulk#1, X-Men#1 x2, ST#110 x3.
    When you actually get an AF#15, it makes everything else seem unimportant. At least it was that way for me.

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