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Thread: Please read this if you love Rokons.

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    Default Please read this if you love Rokons.

    I created this section to help bring awareness to a group of people that are so similar to the IH crowd that its like they are brothers and sisters.

    The goal is to not replace what Bob Gallagher has done with his forum www.rokonworld.com but rather to provide an alternative place to post pictures and Rokon stuff that is V-bulletin forum based for those use to that format. His site will always be the go to place on the web, but one more cant hurt and sharing with the IH family I have come to love is important as i think there is no finer vehicle to accompany the Scout on a trip than a Rokon. Mater of fact they even have a model named a Scout!! I have met a few IH folks at shows that have Rokon's so its not just me that feels this way.

    Anyway if you want post a picture of your bike or start a build thread here about your Rokon, Hondakon project, or anything Rokon related. Ask a question i may be able to answer but know that i may refer you to the pros on the on the other forum. FYI they still make these today and it is the second oldest motorcycle company in America to Harley Davidson that is still operating. Their website is here http://www.rokon.com but plenty of good almost new bikes are on Craigslist everyday because people buy them and they find out it takes a special kind of person to use them. They are not as fast but will go anywhere you point them. Check Youtube for some cool videos.

    Below is a picture of Orla Larson the founder of Rokon in 1964 at a recent Rokon gathering we like to call Romps. He is 89 and still rides to this day!!

    John Fleck
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