Hello everybody I don't normally do forums but here goes. I'm - Shop and I've got a 1963 Scout 80 that I've had for a really long time. As usual with a Scout there has been lots of motor changes starting with a 152 slant 4 cylinder that had a rod knocking. From there it went to another 152 out of a 68' that just wouldn't die. But after years of getting 8 mpg max and a top speed of 55 the Scout moved on to bigger things. So, in came a Chevy 350 with a turbo 350 automatic transmission and 205 transfer case. After multiple broken Dana 27 axles the front and rear ends had to go to. So from a Jeep Wagoneer in comes a Dana 44 rear end and a Dana 27 front. Followed by an expensive $9 homemade shackle lift. The Scout has been a ongoing project as are most but things are constantly getting better. My most recent modification was the no leaking gas caps and filler neck adapter found HERE and non leaking cap found HERE. There's been a lot more stuff along the way as well like a couple of trips to the Moab Jamboree and adventures from Oregon all the way to Florida.

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My next project is the dual master cylinder conversion. Oh and yes my Scout is bed lined everywhere.

- Shop

here's some of my other projects, I also build and restore bikes.