Hi All
I am the new owner of a 1970 Scout 800a.
My buddy had it for the previous 25 years or so and now I'm gonna carry the torch.

I plan on purchasing/installing the BCB lift kit ASAP...mainly to hopefully "improve ride quality as much as possible". Gonna make contact with BCB to make sure I'm on the right track before making purchase.

I'm about to drop the Dana 20 transfer case as the T18 tranny slowly leaks gear oil into the transfer case...doesn't leak out of system, just pushes gear oil back into Transsfer case. I believe there are lip seals between the transfer case and transmission that keeps them from "sharing" gear oil?

I'm looking at a set of Scout II axles this Tuesday locally. My stock axles seam pretty good. Rear Dana 44/3.73 looks good; Front Dana 30/3.73 has a few issues besides the closed knuckle universal design...so the Scout II used axles (pulled from same unit) Dana 44/3.54) would be good candidates I THINK??...please chime in with your thoughts.
...I do have a power steering system/components on shelf (IH for sure, I think Scout II) ...I'm hoping that the used Scout II front axle and the power steering from shelf will "marry" together correctly. If I inderstand it correctly, I will need to modify the truck frame and or mount for this power steering box install. I have the power steering box, pulley/pump and pump bracket.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated folks.

Take care Keith