Hello, I acquired my Traveler about 1 year ago and am nearing the point where I'm ready to begin re-building it. It currently has a very tired 345/727 combo, which I'm planning on replacing with a diesel - leaning toward a 4bt, but still open as I've a friend who recently did a 6bt. I've also read some interesting info regarding Isuzu diesels. I am certainly open to information/advice and have seen some impressive threads here ( CS ). At the moment the tranny is open. My vehicle is a fairly straight Midas version with rocker rust. I'm planning on starting ground up, removing the body and doing it all. I intend to use it as my primary vehicle once completed and park my Dodge 3500. In addition to the engine/tranny info, I'd love info on axle ratios, springs (OA or UA) (stock, Alcan, Superlift, etc.). Thanks in advance for any and all information. Jeff