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Thread: New member 1969 800a 266v 4spd

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    Default New member 1969 800a 266v 4spd

    Hello all,

    I am new to BCB and feel like ive found a great site with reliable info and a great scout scout parts option website. Ive had my scout 800a for two years and as im sure you all know i tore into a "simple" service item and turned into a full on resto/mod hahaha! Ive done all the service items and almost all the safety upgrades for a forty+ year vehicle with next purchase to be the BCB wiper mod !! In process of kwik wire 14 circuit and new speedhut gauges and just completed the front disc brake conversion and upgraded to 17" fuel rims and discoverer mtp 32" tires as well as all new leafs, body bushings, adjustable tie rod/drag link/pitman arm, and reverse shackle kit. Look forward to asking questions to tap into yalls wealth of knowledge to help this california fireman to continue to upgrade and learn about my scout. Thanks jason

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    Welcome Jason,
    We wish we had found you before so you could have done a buildup thread on your project and we could have supplied you with more than just the wiper kit.. Of coarse if you have pictures and want to create one, we would love to see how and why you did what you did. It will certainly help the other community members no doubt.

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