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Thread: Considering a 345 crate motor from s&j or jasper

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    Angry Considering a 345 crate motor from s&j or jasper

    I am considering a replacement reman motor for the 75 scout 2. It currently has a leaky 345 and 727, both in good running condition. 80k miles with a 2bbl Holley and petronix give me consistent 14-15 mpg but i dont drive much more than 65mph. I just learned about zinc additive (after putting on 30k) so not sure about cam wear and such on the current motor. My plan is to pull a popup (3500#) all over the mountains including some longer 1k+ trips. I am looking for the bullet proof reliability these bus motors provide.

    I have heard these remans are a good alternative to rebuilds but have lower compression due to the thicker head gaskets available these days. I also know of the low oil pressure at extended high rpms can be troublesome. (I currently add an extra qt for these trips now).

    Question is are there some recommended mods that won't void the warranty? Decking the heads, upgrading valve springs are things I have heard of but don't know are worth it. Anyone have any thoughts about this route?

    Any thoughts on the two sources for remans?


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    Hi ihscoutiifan,

    These are great questions.
    When we sell a crate motor to a customer we have special agreements with the builders to maintain the 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty and they will build them to our specs. This is the perfect solution as it allows us to make up for the thicker head gaskets, and also add some performance and reliability with some other additional upgrades and options. Sure it cost a little bit more but its so worth it.

    If you like please call the office and we can discuss the motor more in detail.


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    Default Considering a 345 crate motor from s or jasper

    Im with you Don. People make mistakes but its what they do after a mistake is made that separates the good from the really lousy. Good for that manager for taking the time to try to make a customer happy.

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