Hi Everone,

It all started with my grandfather. He had 2 Travelall's for hauling the family; and had the 1210 truck as the 5th-wheel hauler. A devoted International owner! He proudly placed a sticker on the side, which said, "Cowboy Cadillac". My grandfather, who lived in Prineville, Oregon at the time, passed away in 1994. The truck then became my father's. He used the truck to haul bales of hay for his horses; and to haul his rototillers and lawn tractors around. He took pristine care of the truck, like he took care of all of his vehicles. The oil was changed religiously with Amsoil; and anything that was broken got fixed. But he didn't have the money to do everything that he wanted to with the truck. He always wanted to paint it.

My dad passed away in 2011, and the Cowboy Cadillac is now a 3rd generation truck!

Anyway, without further ado.... Introducing, the Cowboy Cadillac!