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Thread: Scout 2 Dana 44 Rear Disk Brake conversion

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    Default Scout 2 Dana 44 Rear Disk Brake conversion

    Thank you for purchasing the finest Rear disk brake conversion kit for the Scout 2 and International rear Dana 44 axle. This kit has brackets designed for the Set 10 axle-bearing pocket. Other models may have other bearings and will need more welding/grinding to fit the bracket.

    First step is to set the rig on jack stands so it is at ride height with the wheels removed (i.e. level the rig with no rear tires). This is important later when setting the angle of the brackets.

    Remove all Brake parts, and pull the axle out.

    Now remove the backing plate.

    Cut the center section out of the Backing plate to keep as the spacer so your track width stays the same. Sand the edges to a nice finish.

    Reinstall the cut out section of the backing plate.

    Put the axle back in and put two bolts in the retainer to snug it down.

    Mount the caliper to the Bracket. (NOTE: New pads will need the corners closest to the center portion of the rotor ground down to make the pad fit the rotor and make the caliper sit down as much as possible so the top of the caliper does not hit the inside of the rim).

    Put the rotor on over the axle and put 2-3 lug nuts on to simulate the wheel being on.

    Now slip the loaded (with pads installed) caliper on the rotor and set the angle the same as the front calipers approx 70 degrees. Make sure that the caliper tabs are flat against the weld on bracket to allow the caliper to float and use all the brake pad. If you don’t do this you will only get half the pad wear before needing replacement. Double check that the rotor spins freely and the pads do not drag on the center of the rotor.

    Now lightly tack weld the bracket to the housing in a few spots each side.

    Next remove the caliper from the bracket, pull the rotor and the axle shaft out, and pull the race so it does not get ruined during welding. If you need new axle bearings now is the time while they are out. BCB sells the Timken (made in USA) rear bearings, seals and retainers for $40 a side. ***Now is the point to decide if your welding skills are good enough or take it down to your local welder and have him weld on the brackets***. This is after all your safety at stake.

    Once the brackets have cooled, paint the welded areas with your favorite paint, install the axle and bolt in place for the final time.

    Now comes the brake line. You will need to cut and re-flair the brake line approximately 5 or so inches shorter to install the BCB Stainless steel flex line supplied with the kit. This will require a flairing tool to do.

    Now come the E-brake cable. Providing you have the 79-85 Cadilac Eldorado caliper you will need to cut/grind the stock spring off the end of the cable. I find it is easiest to hold the line in a vice and carefully score the spring along the cable with a .045 cutting disk on a hand held grinder, or use a dremel, or similar cutting device. NOTE: BE careful not to nick the cable. Once the spring is removed you can install the cable into the bracket. Now repeat the above directions on the other side if you have not done so already. The cable will have some slack in it. No worries. On the Scout 2 there is a tab coming off the frame on the passenger side with a hole in it. You may or may not have a ” steel rod there that tightens the cable. If not get some ” rod and bend up a hook that pulls the slack of the cable tight. Adjust as necessary. It may be necessary to cut the factory tab off and move it up towards the front more and reweld it to get proper tension.

    Finally you need to bleed the entire system and check for proper function. If your rear brakes are locking up first then you need to call us for further instructions and possible parts.
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