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Thread: BCB 4x4 now has our own YouTube channel to help you out.

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    Cool BCB 4x4 now has our own YouTube channel to help you out.


    I am excited to release the news that BCB 4x4 now has our own YouTube channel and has produced some videos to help you with the maintenance of your International Harvester.


    Check it out and please tell us what ya think and feel free to repost them or pass them along to friends.
    Thanks for supporting us with your business as it makes all the difference for a small shop like ours. If you mention you saw a video that helped you while you are ordering parts I will throw in a bonus sure to put a smile on your face and brighten up your IH experience.

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    How many of you have benefited from these videos? Please post up your experience using these to complete a task yourself. I am trying to gauge the needs and what to focus on next for the community. If you have suggestions please post them as well.
    Thank you and lets have a great 2016

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