****NEWS FLASH PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING **** Back Country Binders will be taking the month of November 2015 off in order to do several things that need our attention. Orders will be accepted but not processed until the end of October 2015. Some orders may be shipped mid month if time allows. 


 We will be finishing two large projects that have been here longer than anticipated due to short staffing. These include Toms Scout 2, and Dennis's Scout Traveler. Also we will be doing a complete year end inventory, stocking up on certain products, completing the final stages of several products that we have had in the works for a few years (4 cylinder Scout 80/800 power steering pump brackets, revamped Hidden U-bolt plates, and a few unreleased awesome products that we have been working on. Also its Hunting Season and I need to fill some tags. 

IMPORTANT NEWS: During this time we will be suspending order processing and shipping. The shop will be open for used parts and walk in orders, but thats it. All phone call messages will be written down for future follow up after the break. E-mails will be answered once a week.

I feel this is nessassary to free up my time in order to complete unfinished projects here at BCB 4x4. The above two and Chunks Scout 80 on Scout 2 frame projects. In addition I hope to improve/update the website, the speed orders are processed, and e-mail systems. Thank you all for your understanding during this crucial time period.