January 2023

IH/Scout Show Notification and Sponsorship Packets:
Show promotors, Committies, Team Members, Raffle cordinators please contact us through one of our 4 means of communications. We miss you and have not heard from you in many years??
The past few years I have had sponsor donation boxes sitting here for show sponsorships go unclaimed. Sadly i have not gotten any calls from any show committies or assigned team members in many years past I would receive either calls, E-mails, Facebook messanger messages, tags in announcement posts etc. Someone on the show team was always assigned a group of vendors to contact in order to secure sponsorship and or donations from. Many time I'd get to chat with people I'd met and become friends with at RMIHR, IHWR, Binder Bash, NWBRU, Binder Bee, Nats, Red Power Roundup, Arizona Rondaveu, Sunflower IH show and several smaller shows throughout the country.
It was always great catching up and talking about the show and various things. I enjoyed the personal aspect of it and it help me stay connected when I was unable to attend. It was also a nice personal touch and reminder if i was busy being the 1 man operation. I'm not sure what happened but the contacts have mostly disappeared, and I know covid was a factor for many shows I'm sure. But I also know that some of the bigger shows still took place. That leads me to wonder why I didn't get my contact like in years past. Maybe the shows no longer do raffles, in which case they still have show expenses to pay for im sure. So how are the shows contacting vendors to let them know what the sponsorship package is for certain levels of advertisement amounts etc?

January 2023

Thought i would ask and publicly announce in January 2023 I switched my business mailing address to a PO Box. So if any club or organization is sending out sponsorship letters via USPS with details on how to sponsor, please address mine to:

Back Country Binders 4x4
C/O John Fleck
PO Box 6006
Bremerton, WA. 98312

Happy Harvesting
John Fleck




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