NEWS FLASH 05/15/18: 
I want to release a statment with regard to the designation on each product. In order to get the product to show up on the website it is marked 

NEWS FLASH 05/10/18: 

As you know from our previous message, we took a week off until May 2nd, and appreciate your patience while we handled some medical appointments and tasks. Now we are about caught up from that break because as you can imagine while we were gone, the orders kept coming in. Then when I came back, I had to handle thoes orders plus the orders that were coming in each day. This means shipping, recieving, answering phones, processing e-mails, and all the welding and fabrication, as well as any service work that comes in. So its been weeks of 14-16 hour days but im working as hard as i can for everyone. PS if you know any local skilled people looking for a job, please have them send a resume or drop by the shop. Thanks you very much for your understanding while I work to serve you.  

NEWS FLASH 04/23/18: 
We will be closing through May 2nd in order to dedicate uninterrupted time to a few areas. I will still check messages, so if it’s about a current orders, an emergency, or an order you wish to place when I’m back, leave a message and i will call you back.

This is because we have become overwhelmed with tasks and customers and want to be able to give each and every one the attention to detail we are known for. Additionally I have some Drs appointments to go to. During this business break we will not be answering the phones and are placing any orders that come in via the website on hold. If you happen to stop by in person, we will not turn you away. Overall our goal is to get caught up on tasks, orders, maintenance, and do some spring cleaning to improve the flow around here. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes you and we hope to speak with you after May 2nd.

John Fleck


NEWS FLASH 01/01/18: 
 Hello Everyone,

As of today we have officially been in business 20 years servicing the International Harvester market. It’s brought many memories. Today i want to announce that we willbe transitioning even further into the manufacturing phase of business. Over the years we have noticed the increasing scarcity and customers searching for certain parts. We have seen what the restoration market needs in many areas and locations around the country. We have always done all phases of work and parts for our favorite Internationals. We have seen that it takes so much time and energy to chase down parts, and many hours of uncompensated labor in seeking out these parts. While we have enjoyed the hunt and will still do some of this, we will be gearing more and more of our work towards manufacturing parts. This will allow us to focus our resources and energy into a narrower window and not spread us out so thin. Fear not we will still take on the occasional big project and do service work for now, but will be tapering off on providing every possible part there is for these Light Line vehicles. As of January 1st, 2018 we will be focusing more and more on manufacturing new lines of parts for the International Harvester vehicle market, and are also considering adding some ATC parts that the collector and restoration market has desired. Thank you for your years of support and allowing us to help you get your IH on the road. We look forward to many more years of helping you our friends and customers out.

John Fleck