March 25, 2019:  Long but worth the read

Hello Everyone,


Just an update as we get to rocking out work and stuff. Been meaning to put this up sooner but overun with everything. Thanks for your patience while we fought off a 3.5 week flu in Jan, started the process of healing from being rear ended Jan28th at a standstill by a guy on his cell phone at 45mph, weathered the mega snowstorm and finishing our waste oil heater in Feb, and finished some code revisions on the landlords building and a few of our own in March for the county inspectors. It’s been an emotional and physically draining start to the new year and we are glad to be back to work. I apologize for any inconvenience this has cause and wish there were a better way to make stuff not so impactful. In addition to all this it’s just past the 1 year mark of being diagnosed with BPD2 and ADHD. I have gone through allot of changes and learned quite a bit. I still have to learn way more to really fully understand how this mental disability affects me and everything I do, but I’m at it day and night to learn ways to work with it. I’m trying so hard to stuff it back into its background place where it has been 90% of my life. I did learn one major important thing to tell everyone about. Major trauma, or severe emotional stress and disarray can cause it to manifest, come out, and land hard. In my case it was 9 deaths in 5 years between my family and my close extended family. I was never able to process the loss before the next one stacked up on me. I could only stuff so much and keep working, unfortunately that didn’t work like it used to when I was younger. So I urge all of you to take mental health issues, grieving from loss, serious stress, and trauma seriously. It's no joke and please take the time to listen to your gut instincts when you think your friend or buddy is acting weird or not right. Thankfully my sister saw the change in me, and got me in to see the doctors or I would not be talking with you all today. The past few years have just been a spiral into the deepest darkest spots of depression and no one deserves to be in that place. It's pure hell, and sadly I know, I was there. Again i will continue to relearn how to do things that i have always done but just know that i may take a little while longer to get them done. Only in the sense of organizing my schedule. Once on a job its business as usual. I have not forgotten any of that type of stuff, its just the organizing of my time to get me the time to work on a certain task if that makes sense. That said please have patience with me and understand that i am not Amazon or some online giant that only wants your money. I will take more care and a little longer time, but you can be sure i have your best interests in mind. I will also still refuse to sell crappy products because i know my customers are not out for the cheapest thing know to man, they want a quality product that will give them the features and results they want without harsh side effects or short lifespan. No one wants a breakdown when they are out on a trip, trail ride, or family function. In addition they want a specialists they can always count on to look out for them and their needs.

Moving forward now that i have shared a small window into my world with you, I am still the IH Guru you have all known, and love it. I have chosen to redirect my business in a slightly different way and focus more on service, building our own line of specialty parts for Internationals and doing restorations as well as modifications and conversions. Looking forward to some engine swaps and cool stuff like we have done in the past on a larger scale. I’m super excited to get to the point these new products that i have dreamed about, sketched, and evaluated over the past 25 years ever since I first bought my 1979 Scout Traveler.

What this means is less phone time. While i enjoy the 45 minutes to 1 hour conversations getting to know you all and your projects, it’s not profitable to take myself away from paying jobs, especially when some of those people have never even bought from me as a way of saying thanks for your time, I respect your IH project counseling. I will be doing that still on smaller scales and on my web forum so that everyone can learn from the answers I take the time to give. I counted and I have discussed front axle geometry about 976 times with people (it feels like more hahaha). Yes i have become an authoritative expert on steering, and componentry that gives the results you tell me in our conversations that your wanting, but if we do it on the forum, then others can see it, read it, and I’m free to be in the shop making money and designing the next cool part that BCB will unveil. I’ll still be doing some phone time and handling orders for the parts but I’m just cutting down my non paid time. I will also be available for scheduled paid phone consultation appointments to go over your project with you. It’s better to pay me an hour’s time, that make a $400 mistake on your father son project or restoration right? I’ve seen the mistakes, I’ve made some of them, i have learned from watching others make some so it gives me great insight to guide others. One thing i can Thank AHAD for is the attention to detail of all the good and bad things, recalling the little details that make all the difference in the world, and being schooled enough to present them to others in an easy to understand way so they can benefit.

Hope this all makes sense and it’s a work in progress so will change some, be tweeked and ultimately become the best it can be. I’ll be gearing up for a move in the near future this year to so get your parts and service work, builds etc done now. Give me a shout. Thanks

John Fleck