Here at Back Country Binders 4x4 our objective is to help you maintain your off-road vehicle by providing the best possible parts and service available.  We produce and sell top notch custom fabricated parts with the following qualities in mind: stoutness, ruggedness, and affordability.

    Our goal is to design and make it strong allowing you to go to the EXTREME limits of offroading if that’s your calling, or just rely on it for many many years to come.  When your equipment is damaged or breaks the fun usually stops.  Our goal is to make sure that won't happen.  Just because something is bombproof does not mean that it has to be ugly! We can meld these various criteria’s into our products because of our deep rooted passion for offroading, our attention to details, and our old school morals that we grew up with. We believe that our products achieve that difficult balance between strength, functionality and beauty, and we are sure that you will agree.  There are a lot of other products out there, some good and some bad ( Also some cheap imatations of ours).  The one thing that they all have in common is that they are not BombProof. When you buy a BCB 4x4 product, you can be confident that it has been well thought out and highly engineered. The bottom line is that we love doing this stuff and appreciate you folks telling us how very pleased you are with our designs and superior craftsmanship. We will always take the time to answer your questions about various topics, project objectives, and decisions relating to your rig.  You should expect us to go that extra mile for you, the customer.  And remember, the inconvenience of poor quality will long out live the thrill of the bargain elsewhere.

   Word-of-mouth has been (and continues to be) our best source of advertising because we know that quality, performance and comfort are important to you.  For more than 13 years, International Harvesters have been my daily drivers and going off-road has been one of my primary extracurricular activities.  My daily hands-on experience with these rugged 4x4 vehicles gives us a great advantage over generic 4x4 shops.  In addition I am personally involved with every aspect of BCB 4x4 from manufacturing to sales.  In order to maintain the highest quality control, we have strict requirements on the little bit of work we do outsource.  I am confident that you will find our products to be top-of-the-line, our customer service the best, and the information in our ONLINE FORUM the most helpful. We look forward to hearing from you.


Back Country Binders 4x4 attributes our success to the pursuit for quality in everything we do, and to you, our faithful customer. 

Thank you for making BCB 4x4 

"Your GoTo International Harvester shop"

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