Scout 80 & 800 Body Lift 2"

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1961-1971 Scout 80 and 800 models. 2" kit made in the USA using machined pucks for precision fit. Includes all the hardware. READ ITEM DETAILS below for more details please.


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THESE DO NOT REPLACE THE BODY BUSHING that are designed to absorb the vibrations of the road. You need to run body bushings (preferably our polyurethane set available separately) as well as a lift puck that way the vibrations are still absorbed. The puck only is designed to give you lift. Body lifts have gotten a bad reputation, but with good body mounts they are fine up to 3" (we do not recommend more than that). They give you increased room to run fuel lines, wiring, and larger exhaust. Also they do not allow the mud to build up in the pockets easily and allow for easier cleaning, and increased tire clearances. There are more but those are the main benefits. Call us to discuss your needs further if you have any questions or concerns. With these kit it may be required to modify your clutch linkage depending on if you have the hydraulic, mechanical, or cable operated version. You may need to heat and rebend your transfer case shifters to get full range of positions with the stock tunnel cover especially on the 2 & 3" kits.
We are the only ones making this kit that we know of. Each puck is machined for tolerances. In this kit you get the right length hardware Stover top lock nuts. All hardware in our kit is Cadmium coated for corrosion resistance and the correct grade to stretch not break in severe jarring situations. That way the body dos not leave the frame. So you see why BCB 4x4 makes the best body lift kit on the market for your Scout!! Spread the word, "Quality engineered parts at affordable prices"

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