Robertshaw 180 Degree Thermostat

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Robertshaw 180 degree thermostat for your International V-8 motors. USA made. Brass and Stainless and these fail in the open position. Fits 266, 304, 345, 392 and some 152 and 196 4 cylinder motors. See Item details for more info.

Robertshaw 180 Thyermostat for IH V-8 and 4 cylinder motors.
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Its well documented that the Robertshaw Thermostat will make your IH run cooler, better and with more consistant tempatures. We recomend the 180 degree unit. The key is in the design. They block the bypass tube off almost 99% insuring all the hot coolant goes through the radiator. Also these are made of Brass and Stainless steel to last. ALSO when they fail the do so in the open position so you do not overheat your motor. Dont forget your Felpro gaskets at the same time. You usually need 2.

If you have a 152 in a Scout 80 please call us. You may have the really tall weird looking Thermostat and this one will not work.

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