BCB Scout 80 / 800 2.5"-3" Suspension Lift

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Scout 80, 800 LIFT SPRINGS: 1961-1970 Scout 80 or 800 2.5"-3" lift springs. Kit includes: Skyjacker Leaf Springs, Shocks, Shackles, Shackle hardware, 12 Polyurethane spring bushings, Steel Caster Shims, New leaf spring center pack bolts, and BCB stainless steel braided brake lines. Leaf springs are made with USA high carbon steel for exceptional smooth ride quality and flexibility. Don't skimp on the ride/safety quality of your Scout by using non USA Leaf springs (ie Rough Country). See item details below for more information.

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These springs will give your Scout a superior ride quality and driving experience. They do well both on and off road. The high carbon steel used in construction of these USA made springs make them a lasting solid upgrade for your comfort. 31" -33" tires will fit depending on brand and width of tire. the 33"x10:50-15 will rub under full compression, but one of our body lifts will raise the wheel wells up to keep that from happening. The other option would be some extended bump stops for the up-travel. Your scout will ride better than it did from the factory. The tires in this picture are 29" so there is more wheel well showing. The lift arms are free so it is sitting on its own. The springs will work in a little and this initial ride will settle a little bit. If this is not the best lift kit you have ever used for your Scout I will be shocked as I have researched ever other option out there in the leaf spring world. 100s of customers cant be wrong. Let us know what you think after you have it and use it for a month or so. Thank you. QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!!

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