July 1,2020

Many of you read the previous messages about what transpired, the accident, mental health conditions, etc etc. I chose to be positive and fight to move forward even thought it was not fun. To let everyone know again things are progressing with redirecting my business in a somewhat different way and focus more on service, building and selling our own line of specialty parts for Internationals as well as some traditional ones we have always sold. When we work on your rig in our shop we will still supply all the parts needed. We still have our supply networks but its just not profitable to sell every little part there is out the door due to the margins and how much time the average sale takes up. So We plan on doing more restorations as well as modifications and conversion buildups with all that available time and product development. Looking forward to some engine swaps, body swaps, suspension swaps and cool stuff like we have done in the past on a larger scale. I’m super excited to get to the point of offering these new products that i have dreamed about, sketched, and evaluated over the past 25 years ever since I first bought my 1979 Scout Traveler.

What this means is less phone time. While i enjoy the 45 minutes to 1 hour conversations getting to know you all and your projects, it’s not profitable to take myself away from paying jobs, especially when some of those people have never even bought from me as a way of saying thanks for your time, I respect your IH project counseling. I will be doing that still on smaller scales and on our web forum so that everyone can learn from the answers I take the time to give. For example I have discussed front axle geometry hundreds of times over the years. Yes i have become an authoritative expert on steering, and componentry so when you tell me in our conversations what your wanting, i can tell you exactley what you need. However if we discuss it on the forum, then others can search for it, see it, read it, and I’m free to be in the shop making money and designing the next cool part that BCB will unveil. If you invest your time in posting it, then I or many of my close friends on there that are knowledgable will answer it. I’ll still be doing some phone time and handling orders for the parts but I’m just cutting down my non paid time so i can make a living. I will also be available for scheduled paid phone consultation appointments to go over your project with you. It’s better to pay me an hour’s time, that make a $400 mistake on your project or restoration right? Its logical, makes sense and is the smart thing to do for thoes that are not that versed in what they are about to undertake. I’ve seen the mistakes, I’ve made some of them, i have learned from watching others make some so it gives me great insight to guide others. One thing i can thank is the attention to detail of all the good and bad things that have happened in the past 23 years, recalling the little details that make all the difference in the world, and being schooled enough to present them to others in an easy to understand way so they can benefit. Available in 15 minute increments for $25 a segment. Just e-mail, Facebook PM our page, or call to schedule a time slot. 

Im not going to unveil the last part of the restructuring just yet as im still compiling data and crunching numbers but as of now its a 75% gonna happen situation. :) 
Hope this all makes sense and it’s a work in progress so will change some, be tweeked and ultimately become the best it can be. Thanks for your patience during this transition. 
John Fleck